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Perfect 90: Understanding the Multi-Function Table for Cabinetry

Here is an overview of one of the most used tables in the shop, the MFT/3 multi-function table! Sedge walks us through setup, calibration, and even sprinkles in some tips and tricks along the way. Learn along with the SedgeTool team and put your MFT to work!

Tools Used:
MFT/3 w/ accessories
Woodpeckers 1281 Square: https://amzn.to/2MJbt9j
Fastcap Measuring Tape: https://amzn.to/38qwQER

0:00 Intro
1:32 Putting Together MFT/3
10:00 Calibrating MFT/3 for 90° Cuts
12:11 Making 90° Cut
14:18 Cabinet Cuts

#MFT3setup #CalibratingMFT3 #90degreecuts #DIY #HowTo #Carpentry #Cabinetry #Woodworking #Woodshop #ShopClass #PunkRockWorkshop #Garage #Cabinets #Build #powertools #tracksaw #crosscuts

SedgeTool is all about woodworking and having a great time doing it. SedgeTool is Brian “Sedge” Sedgeley who brings 30 years of woodworking experience and tons of energy to the team. Derick “Big D” Clements who has NO CLUE about woodworking but is ready to learn. Chris "cameraman" Seibert who films it all! If you want to have a good time and learn something about woodworking, then you’ve come to the right place.

All views and opinions expressed during SedgeTool are explicitly those of SedgeTool. They are not intended to represent any claims, value statements, or opinions of any of the tools, brands, subsidiaries, or parent companies of brands referenced, visible, or mentioned on the show. The SedgeTool team is here for entertainment and educational purposes only. SedgeTool is not a replacement for proper training or safety guidelines as outlined by the manufacturer's owner’s manuals.

Website: https://www.sedgetool.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sedgetool/?hl=en
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sedgetool
Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@sedgetool?lang=en
James Heyer : Glad that you're doing these videos! Two questions for you: 1) How often do you check that the MFT is square (before every job, once a month)? 2) I noticed that your cut line on the MFT is between the two rows of holes. I've seen other videos by people who have the MFT where the cut line is right in the middle of the holes? Why the difference?
Leather By Dragonfly : This channel is exactly what Youtube needs... a subject matter expert. Solid information. Keep the videos coming. What's Big D ? In fact it's a PERFECT video
michelle m : So much great information to absorb from this video. So happy you had some perfect card stock on hand . Perfect 90• is so important. Love your videos Great job
Patrick Melchior : well done Sedge and this could n to have come at a more perfect time. With some luck in the near future, I'll be building some shop cabinets for my perfect shop remodel project. I think an MFT might be in order with all the plywood I'll be cutting
ihouman : This is hands down the best video on setting up the MFT.

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The camping boom is reigniting due to COVID-19.
They want to enjoy camping or picnic trips as a family, avoiding places where many people gather.

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03:13 4.부재 정재단
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04:03 6.볼트 구멍 등 다리가공
08:21 7.조립
12:56 8.목 다보로 피스구멍 매꾸기
14:23 9.다리 수평 맞추기
16:22 10.오일마감
18:11 11.완성(사용)

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BGM : Artlist.io
a-thousand-eyes by sarah-kang
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That Art Teacher : This is perfection! :D So useful.
뚱손 DD SON : 캠핑 좋아하시는 분들께 꼭 필요한 테이블이군요
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잘보았습니다 ^^
상쾌용인 : 언제나 좋은 영상 감사합니다. 저도 한번 만들어보고 싶네요... 어떤 나무를 쓰신건가요?

DIY Router Table with Inserts - HW|Designs

For more behind-the-scenes content and to support the channel: https://www.patreon.com/hwdesigns/

Next upgrade for the shop - a router table! Though I had a bench top router table, I didn't like where it was set up in my shop, nor it's dilapidated state - so I made this new one to include inserts for my trim router, as well.

Hope you enjoy!

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Music Credits:

It used to be us
Many Moons Ago

Many Moons Ago

On the train to Paris
Many Moons Ago

How to make or how I made, a router table.

As a quick recap from last episode, I built the base using 4x4 legs and 2x4 frames

And used particle board and plywood to build out the lower cabinet structure and downdraft table - click the link in the top right for that full DIY

Okay, on to the new stuff, I started the router table side of the work bench by cross bracing the interior side of what would be the router table surface.

Then, used ¾” ply to frame out the lower cabinet.

I secured it in place by both anchoring it to the legs on the outer face,

And used pocket holes into the base to secure the interior face

Next came the drawer for all the router bits and bolts

I did a very basic ply drawer

Using a finishing nail gun to create the box.

Then, I measured and marked the height at which the drawer hardware would be anchored - ensuring there was enough clearance for the router to hang below the table surface.

I used some guide screws as an extra pair of hands

Then placed the drawer hardware.

I secured the mirroring hardware to the drawer, then slid it into place

After that, I whipped up a quick drawer face

And a few floating dividers I’d used to keep the trim bits away from the big router bits, and all the bolts hardware in their own separate tray.

I chose to enclose the drawer, as it’d be sitting just below a mega dust maker, and I opted for two separate panels so I wouldn’t have to find a spot for a big annoying panel any time I wanted to find a bit.

Next I turned to another organizer piece.

I don’t know about you, but any time I want to swap a bit, finding the dang wrenches in the drawer is like finding Waldo.
So I used the drill press to sink a few slots into this 2x4”

Then anchored it between the legs of the bench.

Lost no more!

And for the heck of it, I gave the workbench a make over. Because why not?

Time for the table top inserts.

I cut 3 pieces of particle board down to size, one for just a plain work surface, and two others I’ll turn into router inserts.

For the first router insert, I started by finding center, and then marking off the router insert plate I stripped from an old, bench top router table.

Then to set up my routing guide, I measured and marked a perimeter 1 ⅜” away from the edge of the insert plate edge.

I used particle board offcuts to may my guide,

then, in three passes, cut the outer edge of the insert plate recess.

Using two identical off cuts, i created a router sled to clear the rest of the recess

Time for a test fit!

With a nice snug fit, i marked the interior circle

Then used a forstner and jig saw to clear the way

After that, I marked and drilled space for the anchoring bolts

And space for table top height adjustment port

With those all roughed in, I anchored the insert plate into place

Then use a similar fencing technique to clear a path for the miter gauge track

Another test fit, but not anchoring it yet.

First, I needed to cut the dovetail tracks for the fence.

Again, stripping another piece for the old bench top router table, I marked the pre drilled holes on the fence to establish the placement of the tracks

Then, fenced the cut line, and in three passes with the straight bit, cut a relief, before swapping in the dovetail bit for the final pass

It tested the dovetail bolts - perfect.

With all the cuts in, I gave the surface a quick, high gloss coat just to seal it and maybe help relieve a small amount of friction

Once that dried, I screwed in the miter gauge track

Placed the fence and dust collection

Anchored the router housing

Set the bit height

And voila!

Using pretty similar methods, I made an table insert for my trim router too - but if you want to check out how I made this nifty little miter gauge or just see more behind the scenes footage, join us over on patreon - we like to have a good time.

Next time - I finally get rid o f these beat up bench tops, and swap them for a proper woodworking bench!

Until next time
Harlan Siegel : I really like the idea of only routing away enough material so that the router insert sits flat. I've done it before by leaving a lip, which felt kind of "janky". This seems much more stable.
Sean Patterson : Another great video! The little tip of using screws as temporary shelves to hold the drawer slide was a new one for me. Thanks. I like this table design. Thank you.
James B : This is great, thank you. Any tips on finding an old router table to salvage from?
Tom Buskey : I like the scrap router sled! Usually I see an elaborate jig. You just got it done.
Julian Carmichael : 'Like finding Waldo', so true.




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