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Mayfield Hotel & Resort’s Korean Barbecue and Butchery Demonstration

Find recipes and the full series at:

Jia Choi, professor of Korean food studies and C.E.O. of Ongo Food Communications and O’ngo Food Tours, takes us to see a butchery and Korean barbecue demonstration at Korea’s Mayfield Hotel.

[2021 VMS] SMA LIVE-Commerce Session (Mayfield Hotel Seoul)

2021 Virtual MICE Show:SEOUL LIVE ON was held between July 21 to 22.

Watch the Mayfield Hotel Seoul's SMA LIVE-Commerce Session and hope to see you in Seoul again!

#2021VMS #Virtual_MICE_Show #PLUSSEOUL #Sustainable_Transformation_ON #PLan_with_US #PLay_with_US #Seoul_Convention_Bureau
#Seoul_MICE_Alliance #SMA

Seoul luxury Wellness Tour [ Mayfield Hotel Seoul – Wellness Forest ] - Ebookers Korea Inc.

Seoul Metropolitan Government 'New Moral Tourism Content development Project' Production Video

- Seoul luxury Wellness Tour 2 days [Mayfield Hotel Seoul – Wellness Forest]
- Mayfield Hotel Wellness Program, Yoga \u0026 more(Yin yoga \u0026 Aromatherapy,
Singing Bowl meditation \u0026 Sound therapy)




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