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WPF Tutorial Deutsch #1 - Was ist WPF?

✘ Werbung: Jetzt C# WPF Masterkurs sichern - https://programmieren-starten.de/wpf-lp1/?utm_source=youtube\u0026utm_medium=share\u0026utm_term=wpf-tutorial-deutsch-1\u0026utm_content=link-in-videobeschreibung\u0026utm_campaign=wpfmasterkurs

✘ Werbung: Jetzt Premium Mitgliedschaft sichern - https://programmieren-starten.de/premium-mitgliedschaft-lp1/?utm_source=youtube\u0026utm_medium=share\u0026utm_term=wpf-tutorial-deutsch-1\u0026utm_content=link-in-videobeschreibung\u0026utm_campaign=premium-mitgliedschaft

Kostenlos die Programmier-Einsteiger-Serie sichern:
►►► https://programmieren-starten.de/pev-lp1/?utm_source=youtube\u0026utm_medium=share\u0026utm_term=wpf-tutorial-deutsch-1\u0026utm_content=link-in-videobeschreibung\u0026utm_campaign=pev

In diesem WPF Tutorial wirst du lernen, was die WPF eigentlich ist.
fritzkoola : Freue mich auf die Tutorial-Reihe! Allgemein möchte ich die Videos auf dem Kanal loben. Ein Klasse Kanal, bei dem ich wirklich schon eine Menge gelernt habe! Würde mich in Zukunft auch über Videos zum Thema App Programmierung freuen. Speziell zur Programmiersprache Swift, allerdings ist bei Swift die Nachfrage glaube ich sehr gering... naja wie gesagt: Ein Top Kanal und sehr empfehlenswert. Weiter so
Toni Singh : Ich habe mir dein Masterkurs "wpf" geholt und so gut wie durchgearbeitet. Er ist gut und strukturiert aufgebaut.
Dennoch kam nicht der genaue Unterschieden zwischen Itemsource und Datacontext beim zum tragen und das binden von internen Klassen einer Klasse, dass diese auch angezeigt werden
Kermit das Frosch : Sehr schön - das macht Lust auf mehr!
Murat Bingöltepe : Perfect ;)
Affalterbach V8 : "Man hat früher Windows Forms benutzt, mittlerweile ist es schon ziemlich altmodisch geworden"

Und ich altmodischer Sack benutz immernoch Win Forms :(

Intro to WPF: Learn the basics and best practices of WPF for C#

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In this video, I will introduce you to WPF, show you the basics of how to get things done, and discuss the benefits and pitfalls of using WPF compared to WinForms. In the end you should be comfortable getting started with WPF.

0:00 - Intro
0:52 - Creating WPF app
3:35 - Differences between WPF and WinForms
7:02 - WPF template overview
8:51 - WPF Design system
12:09 - WPF Grid
23:25 - VS designer layout
26:24 - Adding a label: TextBlock
30:25 - TextBlock properties
34:04 - Style hierarchy
35:15 - Global font for application
40:59 - TextBlock and TexBlox
47:03 - Element spacing
53:07 - Button
58:20 - Adding an Event to a button
1:03:42 - Disable UI Debugging tools
1:05:34 - Summary and concluding remarks

Thanks to Ralfs HBK for the chapter breakdown
Pandu Evan K : You are an amazing teacher. You explain the concepts with incredible clarity. Excellent content!
Curtis Barrow : I've watched a ton of videos on XAML and various programming languages and it is very rare that anyone will go into detail on what they are doing. Most people will just program something real quick and you are just along for the ride leaving you feeling lost at the end. They don't explain everything they write like you do. I don't have that lost feeling when I watch your videos. Very well done!
VaderFaderVader : This is perfect! I've just been looking for sources for digging into WPF, and was looking for tutorials from you - like literally just a few hours ago!
It's like you read my mind, and decided "Yeah, here you go" :-)

Zakadeja : Thank you so much for this tutorial. This is going to sound goofy, but I had it in my 'sleep learning' playlist and I was able to grasp data binding the next day after being confused about it for MONTHS. Your other C# videos have been wonderful, too. Some of the best free learning content I've ever heard is on this channel. <3
Leigha Brown : I learned more from this single video than a semester in college. Thank you so much!!!!!!

WPF C# Professional Modern Flat UI Tutorial

WPF C# Professional Modern Flat UI Tutorial this tutorial will show you how to create a flat modern ui with a flat design using WPF and C# this goes really fast and it's stunning and beautiful and professional and works well for 2021 and 2022. This is a tutorial and the source code and the project files will be available for download. A simple, minimalistic futuristic look.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/binarybunnies
BinaryBunny : There is now an official Discord server!
Hoansl : This Tutorial is a pure gold mine, so much valuable information packed into short but effective explanations. Also i love how hyped up for the final product you sound, and rightfully so.
I'd love to see more videos diving deeper into how INotifyPropertyChanged works and MVVM in general.
Really looking forward to your future videos, thanks!
Travis Pettry : I've been writing WPF apps for the last 8 or so years. I feel like you just took me back to school. I learned a ton in this video. If you take requests, can you do one on responsive design?
Tennor Lee : I work on wpf as a full time and I never knew it could be so beautiful! Well done!! I wish I could see more of your content tho ✨ thank you so much!
Matteo Lotito : I did what you did in this video. So my question is, it's possible that the the arounded and borderless window is adaptable to other size and is correctly adaptable when we use win + up, left or right? Because maximize is more easily than that one. @BinaryBunny




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